Barton Village Games launches on Friday night!

Each Friday evening, The Bridge will be hosting Barton Village community games nights, hosted by a neighbour who has been part of the community at Bridge House for years.  Drop by 319 Barton Street East any Friday evening starting September, 2017.  Details below:
Hello and welcome!
If you have never played board games outside of the traditional family games & want to learn; if you need a safe, social place to hang out; if you are intimidated by competitive gaming environments and want a place to learn, play and enjoy yourself then this may be the place for you.  Email if you have any questions!

What I offer
* An Adult games group each Friday 5pm – 9pm
* Catering to & encouraging introverts, shy and anxious people who seek socialization
* No pressure to play so come enjoy a free coffee, spectate the games, join at leisure
* Accepting all levels of experience so beginners welcome. 
* NON-COMPETITIVE environment where beginners and experienced can play
* Focus on large social board games to encourage interactions
* Low-key atmosphere
* ABSOLUTELY no cost to you. Free!
* Alcohol & Drug Free Environment
What you bring:
Yourself. Although drinks will be provided, there is no funding for snacks/food so you can bring your own; no obligation to share. A full kitchen is available for light cooking; you are responsible for cleaning up after yourself.
You are welcome to bring your own games. However, I do ask that you refrain from bringing Traditional Family Board Games. What would be a TFBG? If you can buy the board game at Walmart or other generic retailer, it’d be considered a TFBG.
Its not about winning; its not about the games. Its socializing through common interests and leaving relaxed.

To sign up and for more details, email Barton Village Games at


The time & space used for the group has been donated by The Bridge; therefore the space may be used harmoniously with the organization during game play. Other activities and/or events may occur or be occurring during group time. There is enough space for 12 people on the large, main table and a small 4-5 person game in another room. Space for play will be limited to 16 players per week.
You may also be required to sign a release form protecting the organization and myself from any liability.