Case Management

Case management at The Bridge involves both group and one-on-one support opportunities for men who have recently been released from incarceration.  While some aspects are mandatory for residents of Bridge House, clients have the flexibility to engage in the aspects of our case management work that suits their needs.


In addition to one-on-one case management work, The Bridge has several group based programs for criminalized men, designed to meet different individual needs.

One on One Work

Reintegration Planning – Clients living at Bridge House are required to develop a reintegration plan with Bridge staff. This begins with an interview that survey’s the client’s history to identify strengths, opportunities and barriers to progress.  The client’s are then helped to articulate their own long term goals.  Together, the client and staff develop a short term plan to help them begin to progress toward those goals and rebuild their lives in the community.

Occupational Therapy – The Occupational Therapist utilizes best practice approaches to promote individual independence, build capacity and improve quality of life. Maintaining a client-centred approach, the OT works with men to support community reintegration through skill development, psychosocial support, community referrals, housing and vocational assistance.

Referrals – In conjunction with the role of Bridge House to provide transitional housing, bridging the client between incarceration and finding their own home, The Bride does not seek to be all things to our clients, but rather to support them and help them find and access the services they need.

Counseling – The Bridge does not offer formal counseling, however we are always willing to sit down and listen to a person in distress.  Our approach is empathetic, and solution focused, avoiding early childhood issues, and always following the client’s lead in what they wish to discuss.  We work to refer clients who need intensive therapy.

Technical Support – Whether it is writing a resume, setting up an email account, or filling out an application form, sometimes technical issues can challenge our clients. The Bridge provides assistance to clients to do these tasks and become more integrated into the community.

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